Dominica Passport Is Better or Turkish Passport?

Dominica Passport Is Better or Turkish Passport? – Part One

These days, many investors are after immigration, residency, and citizenship by investment in another country. Global citizenship is a new concept expanding rapidly as the mobility of people around the world increases with the fusion of cultures and economic integration resulting from the prevalence of digital currencies, multinational corporations, and the way people from around […]

Tranquility Beach Resort Dominica citizenship

Tranquility Beach Resort, Invest in your Dreams

Who doesn’t want to live in this gorgeous natural beauty and stunning vistas of this tranquil marine coastal escape? A hideaway kissed by fresh Caribbean Sea breezes and soothed by blazing painted evening sunset skies. This undiscovered coastal location is beautifully poised, steps above two secret bay beaches on either side of the property. Tranquility […]

مدارک مورد نیاز برای پاسپورت دومینیکا

Documents Required for Dominica Passport and the Importance of Accurate Information

Preparing the required documents for Dominica citizenship by investment application is not very easy. It takes time, attention, experience, knowledge, and coordination between you and the expert team who give you advice, especially if you are applying with family members. The paperwork is weighty and you have to get the required attestation for some important […]

Saint Kitts and Nevis PAssport پاسپورت سنت کیتس و نویس

Issuance of St. Kitts and Nevis passports for another family – December 2021

These passports were issued for a family of four applying under St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program in December 2021.   Saint Kitts and Nevis was the first Caribbean country to launch the Citizenship by Investment program, established in 1984. This program was launched in order to support economic growth and expand the […]

best cbi for 2022 بهترین برنامه شهروندی از طریق سرمایه‌گذاری برای 2022

A Quick Guide to Choose Your Global Citizenship in 2022

2022 has just begun and so many of you would surely like to take a new path in your life as businesspeople, investors, entrepreneurs, retirees, and high-net-worth individuals. The last two years were exceptionally difficult for those who needed to move globally. It rose the issues of many restrictions citizens face, including the visa problems, […]

شهروندی بلغارستان Bulgaria citizenship

New Changes in Bulgaria Citizenship by Investment for 2022

Citizenship by Investment in the EU is becoming more and more difficult to achieve. After the Cypriot program was canceled in November 2021, it is now only Bulgaria and to some extent Malta to have Golden Passport programs. Most international immigration agents have already changed their vocabulary from “citizenship by investment” to “residence by investment”. […]

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment

New Changes in Vanuatu CBI in 2022

Officially known as the Vanuatu Development Support Program (VDSP), the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program became stronger in 2021. The program broke its previous sales records and it is predicted it will continue to do so in 2022. It is one of the top citizenship by investment programs in the world. Recently the new CBI […]

Dominica passport پاسپورت دومینیکا

Dominica Passports Issued for Our Client- December 2021

This client had applied for Dominica Citizenship by Investment with his family. The Naturalization Certificates were issued in October and their passports in December 2021. For smart investors looking for a safe and stable destination for themselves and their families, Dominica’s CBI Program offers a trusted route to a second citizenship. The program has been […]

global citizenship forum

World Experts to Discuss “Global Citizenship” at the GCF Event

The Global Citizen Forum is holding a two-day event called “THE FUTURE IN MOTION” regarding global citizenship in the UAE from 12-13 December 2021 in Ras-Al-Khaymah. The Annual Summit topics include sustainable migration, technology in a net-zero carbon world, new frontiers for space travel, human identity and interconnectedness, and the future of global citizenship. In […]

08-12-2021-Antigua and Barbuda-web

The Cheapest Way to Obtain Antigua and Barbuda’s Passport

Antigua and Barbuda is a small island nation situated in the Lesser Antilles in the marvelous Caribbean Sea. Antigua is a very stable country both economically and politically. It is an English-speaking electoral democracy with an excellent international reputation, and the country’s legal system is based on British common law. Antigua’s economy is service-based and […]