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شهروندی مونته‌نگرو
  • Real Estate Investment250,000 USD
  • Non Refundable Donation100,000 USD
  • Mix Investment-
  • Time to get the Residency1 Months
  • Time to get the Passport5 - 6 Months
  • Visa Free Countries121 Countries

Located on the Adriatic Sea in southern Europe, Montenegro shares borders with Albania, Siberia, Kosovo and Bosnia. Economy in Montenegro is service based with a late transition into global market economy. As of now, the current economy of Montenegro is in a healthy state to invest. It also is affordable to live and maintain a healthy life style with plenty of options for a living. Whatever you seek as a citizen is easy to find and you won’t be needing online shops from across the borders.

The influence of Orthodox, Ottoman and Slavic are greatly seen in Montenegro and that’s where you need to keep digging. There are so many cultural landmarks and sights to visit. Montenegro is also the capital of the Podgorica literature, a great deal of writers and poets originating there. Montenegro has a unique and reach culture and you can enjoy it for the rest of your life.

The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program was launched in 2018 and remains for a period of 3 years accepting 2000 applications.


General Requirements To Be Fulfilled For The Montenegro Citizenship Program

  • Investor must have a minimum age of 18,
  • Applicable for non-EU Citizens,
  • Possession of valid passport from a foreign country,
  • Proof of the origin and source of Investment,
  • Have worldwide clean criminal record.


Options For The Acquisition Of Montenegro Citizenship By Investment

 Option 1:

  • Investment of 250,000 Euro in an undeveloped region (north)


  • Non Refundable Donation in amount of 100,000 Euro to the government

Option 2:

  • Investment of 450,000 Euro in a developed region (South)


  • Non Refundable Donation in amount of 100,000 Euro to the government,

Option 3:

Large Investment

1- Invest in five star hotels and resorts (tourism developments):

  • €15 million, in the coastal region or the capital Podgorica + employ at least 80 employees + 60 accommodation units,
  • € 5 million, in the northern or central region, except the capital Podgorica + at least 25 employees + 35 accommodation units.

2- Invest in primary agricultural production:

  • € 2 million + create at least 10 jobs.

3- Invest in wood processing:

  • €4 million + employ at least 20 people.

4- Invest in Fisheries:

  • €3.5 million in fisheries and processing products + employ 20 people.


Additional Governmental Expenses:

Due Diligence:

  • 10,000 Euro – All Members up to 4 Persons.

Processing Fee:

  • 15,000 Euro – Main Applicant,
  • 10,000 Euro – Spouse,
  • 10,000 Euro – For first dependent child,
  • 10,000 Euro – For Second dependent child,
  • 50,000 euro – Per additional dependents.


Benefits of Montenegro Citizenship (Passport)

  • Fast process of passport issuance within 5-6 months,
  • Visa Free Travel to over 121 countries including Schengen states,
  • Dual citizenship is allowed,
  • No language test is requirements,
  • An outstanding holiday destination.


CBF’s high experienced specialists offer you professional help on different Investments and how to obtain Montenegro Citizenship and Passport by Investment. We customize the best solution for you and your family based on your specific situation and requirement. To get started please contact one of our consultants in U.A.E, Denmark or Canada, and we will do our outmost to guide you through your Investment and Montenegro CBI process.

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