Greece Golden Visa & Cyprus CIP Are Competing Closely

In today’s CIP market and the increasing demand for a second passport, the European countries are very popular, since they are located in the heart of the world’s business and commercial hub. The two most in demand investment programs are Cyprus CIP and Greece residency scheme.   Cyprus Citizenship Program Cyprus CIP has several changes […]


Greece Golden Visa, Ready to Change

Changes to Greece Golden Visa The most recent reports show that the Greek government is planning to restructure the country’s Golden Visa program. There are several features of the program, which are going to experience changes, including: doubling the current EUR 250,000 minimum investment requirement, the physical presence obligations, and minimum annual spending. The planned […]

خبر جدید درباره برنامه شهروندی یونان

Greece Citizenship by Investment Close to Happen!

Following the last week news, two other main English-language newspapers in Greece published stories about government’s plans to launch a citizenship by investment program. So far, the reports show that Greek CIP, considering the investment requirements, would compete with Cyprus CIP: Investment in real estate – EUR 2 million Acquisition of a home in Greece […]

شهروندی ترکیه از طریق سرمایه گذاری، محبوب ایرانیان

Turkey Citizenship by Investment, Favourite Program for the Iranians

Turkey citizenship by investment Program reached it $1 billion investment target, since 2018. According to the last July update, it has already 1000 approved applications and 1700 pending applicants. The rising request for the Turkish CBI scheme is due to the Middle East investors’ interests, along with decreasing value of Turkish lira making it cheaper […]