Maltese Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment

Malta citizenship
  • Real Estate Investment-
  • Non Refundable Donation-
  • Mix InvestmentYes
  • Time to get the Residency-
  • Time to get the Passport4 - 12 Months
  • Visa Free Countries185 Countries

Malta or official known as the republic of Malta, is a European island. This southern country ties with south of Italy, east of Tunisia and north of Libya. Being located in the Mediterranean seas makes Malta’s climate perfect. Pleasant winters and hot summer is a jewel some people search their whole lives for. Perfect untouched beaches all over the island make Malta the perfect place to live.

Malta is a multicultural country consisting of Phoenicians and British, so the people of Malta speak in Maltese and English in most parts. In addition to its rich culture, Malta is in the list of top 32 countries with advanced economy. Until 1800, the economy of Malta depended on Cotton, Tobacco and shipyards; which have influenced their separate industry.


Requirements to be eligible to apply for Malta Citizenship by Direct Investment
  • Investor must have a minimum age of 18,
  • Investor can include dependent children,
  • Investor can include eligible dependent relatives including parents and grandparents under specific conditions,
  • Have worldwide clean criminal record for the main applicant and dependents above 16,
  • Have no Medical issues,
  • To apply for Malta citizenship, the applicant needs to hold Malta residency for at least 12 months.


The investment option for obtaining the Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment

The applicants must reside in Malta for a period of three years, or by exception, one year (Fast Track) and the client needs to satisfy all three of the financial requirements.

1st requirement – Real estate investment:

  • To purchase a residential real estate: minimum amount of 700,000 EUR


  • To rent a property: minimum amount of 16,000 EUR annually (for a period of five years).


 2nd requirement – Capital transfer:

  • To make a capital transfer: minimum amount of 600,000 EUR (in the case of a three-year residency period),
  • For each dependent: 50,000 EUR.


  • To make a capital transfer: minimum amount of 750,000 EUR (in the case of a one-year residency period- Fast Track),
  • For each dependent: 50,000 EUR.


3rd requirement – Donation to charity:

  • To donate to a recognized charitable organization approved by the Community Malta Agency or to a registered sport, cultural, scientific, philanthropic, animal welfare, or cultural non-governmental organization or society: minimum amount of 10,000 EUR.


Benefits of Malta Citizenship (Passport)
  • Fast Processing in 4 to 12 months,
  • Visa free Travel to over 185+ countries including Schengen state countries, Canada, U.S, and U.K,
  • Including family members in the application,
  • Live, work and study in the EU countries,
  • Zero tax on income,
  • Tax incentives for “non-domiciled” investors,
  • Dual citizenship is allowed,
  • Flexible Way of life with Affordable Prices,
  • Citizenship can be transferred to the next generations,
  • High quality life, education, and health care system.

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