UAE Golden Visa Rules Coming Into Effect From September 2022

As the UAE continues to make new changes following the COVID-19 pandemic, visas are a hot topic of discussion. In April, the UAE Cabinet approved a number of new visas as the country continues to welcome expatriates from around the world. The cabinet said in a statement from the media office: “The new system of […]

ویزای اقامت امارات

The UAE 5-Year Visa to Take Effect from September, 2022

The UAE makes visa and residence rules easier. The UAE is made up of seven sheikhdoms and immigrants consist more than 80% of the UAE population and have been the mainstay of the country’s economy for decades. In order to improve the quality of their residence in the country, the UAE Cabinet has approved one […]

global citizenship forum

World Experts to Discuss “Global Citizenship” at the GCF Event

The Global Citizen Forum is holding a two-day event called “THE FUTURE IN MOTION” regarding global citizenship in the UAE from 12-13 December 2021 in Ras-Al-Khaymah. The Annual Summit topics include sustainable migration, technology in a net-zero carbon world, new frontiers for space travel, human identity and interconnectedness, and the future of global citizenship. In […]

UAE Green visa ویزای سبز امارات

UAE Green Visa, A New Path towards A Bright Future

Green Visa is the latest resident visa announced by the UAE government as part of the ‘Projects of the 50’, a series of developmental and economic projects honoring the UAE’s 50th anniversary with the aim to increase the UAE’s development and integrate them into a comprehensive hub in all sectors and establish its status as […]

the UAE citizenship by investment

More Details of The UAE Citizenship by Investment Program

The United Arab Emirates announced in February 2020 that Emirati nationality will now be officially attainable for foreigners, in a major step first for the Gulf state. There were no more details out until recently that the government started offering the UAE citizenship by investment program to foreigners, who would like to invest in Ras […]

UAE golden visa ویزای طلایی امارات

The UAE Golden Visa for Investors and Professionals

The United Arab Emirate (The UAE) stands out as the true country of ex-pats, and the changes introduced in 2020 have opened up even more opportunities for those who wish to move to a well-developed country. It is an exciting and modern destination if you want to enjoy your social life as well as your […]

گزینه‌های متنوع دریافت شهروندی و اقامت امارات

Available Options Leading to UAE Residency and Citizenship

In spite of ranking as 5th among the most difficult passports to receive, the UAE has remained a very attractive prospect for global expats in recent years. Many people would like to go to the Emirates for different sorts of reasons such as economic, financial and lifestyle. The new citizenship law could add an additional […]

اخذ شهروندی امارات و پاسپورت امارات

UAE Citizenship Is a New Option Among 2nd Passport Programs

The UAE has been improving in every aspect that most people have heard about it at least once. As a matter of fact, investors around the world acknowledge that making an investment in this country can be a life-changing and positive decision. The reasons behind the attractiveness of the UAE among the global expats, are […]

اخذ تابعیت امارات

UAE Citizenship, Key to Living in the Middle East Paradise

Since becoming a major economic powerhouse and hub for global trade during the last two decades, the UAE Citizenship has been sought after both internationally and regionally. Many famous brands have been located their international offices in Dubai and the UAE has been changed into an international aviation and maritime trade hub. Being a member […]

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