Honouring Grenada’s National Independence Day

February 7 is the Independence Day of Grenada and a public holiday celebrated every year. The day is also celebrated as Grenada’s National Day. This holiday marks Grenada’s independence from Britain on February 7, 1974.

This day is observed in all cities across the country with colorful parades and official ceremonies. People dress up, visit their loved ones, arrange weddings, and remember their struggle for freedom. On Independence Day of Grenada, shops, schools, and banks remain closed. Tourists also visit Grenada to participate in the lively occasion.

Before the Europeans arrived in the Americas, Grenada was home to the indigenous peoples from South America. The island of Grenada was sighted by Christopher Columbus in 1498 during his third voyage to the Americas. Since then, Grenada has been under various European occupations since the start of the new world colonization in the 16th century. In 1649, France assumed full control of the island, becoming one of the wealthiest colonies due to its abundant sugar production. Following French defeat in the Seven Years’ War, the Treaty of Paris surrendered Grenada to Great Britain in 1763. Having overcome a brief rebellion by pro-French forces, Grenada remained a British colony for more than 200 years.

Movements toward independence started in the 1950s and in March 1967, Grenada became an associated state. This status helped them get full autonomy over the nation’s internal affairs. Grenada won its independence from the United Kingdom on February 7, 1974, and Eric Gairy became the first prime minister of the country.

The newly independent country became a member of the Commonwealth while Queen Elizabeth continued to function as the Head of State. In March 1979, Eric Gairy’s government was overthrown in a non-violent coup d’état by the Marxist–Leninist New Jewel Movement. This established the People’s Revolutionary Government. The new government was headed by Maurice Bishop as Prime Minister. Bishop was later arrested and executed by members of the People’s Revolutionary Army, which led to an American invasion in October 1983. Since then, Grenada has returned to electoral democracy and has remained politically stable.



Today, the country is considered a hidden gem with unspoiled beauty offering a lifestyle so pure and authentic that you will feel instantly renewed. Famed for its aromatic spices and organic chocolate. This vacation haven is also one of the most popular destinations with investors.

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