Why you should have a Second Passport?

second passport

Nowadays, many people consider obtaining a second passport and another country’s citizenship. You might ask yourself what is the reason behind it?

• Second passport or citizenship is a freedom insurance

Firstly, by obtaining a second passport and citizenship you have enough freedom to move to a new place when things go wrong.
Let’s consider Venezuela; although the country has the world’s largest oil reserves and great amounts of natural gas, gold, iron, diamonds and hydroelectric energy, it is not the most prosperous country in the world. There is a huge food shortage, too much inflation and poverty in this country. For the inhabitants of Venezuela, obtaining a second passport or citizenship will give them a chance to continue their lives freely and escape from the country’s inappropriate conditions.

There are a number of countries like Venezuela which are not economically, socially and politically stable.
By obtaining a second citizenship, not only you will have more options, but also your next generations. Giving the option of citizenship in a number of countries can be the best gift for your children.

• Second passport reduces reliance on your government’s wrong decisions

When you live in a country, the government provides you the rights and also obligations and you are exposed to the right and wrong decisions of that government.
By obtaining a second passport, you will have the freedom to move if you are not satisfied with your government’s decisions or their acts have negative influence on your personal and professional life.
If you receive a second citizenship, you will not let your nationality and your birth place have control over you and limit your freedom.

• Visa free travel by obtaining a second passport

If you receive a second citizenship, you can avoid visa restrictions and travel freely to a lot of countries without any problem and bureaucratic procedures.
For some African and Asian citizens, visa free traveling is a real luxury, and second passport and citizenship open countries’ borders. As an example, if you obtain Malta’s citizenship, you can do business in European Union countries freely.

• Freedom to establish and do international business

If you obtain a second passport or citizenship, you are free to open bank accounts, access investment opportunities and do business internationally.


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