How to Gain the UK Residency by Investment

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The United Kingdom is a hub of trade and investment in Western Europe and around the world. It is ranked No. 1 in the European World Bank rankings, and also ranks sixth in the world in the World Business Index. Even after leaving the European Union, Britain has continued to be in this strong financial position. That is why Britain is always looking to attract a wealthy target community who wants to invest heavily in the country and immigrate to it. Given London’s metropolitan position in global trade and banking, obtaining a British investment visa is a very successful way for those who want to meet their ambitious economic goals in the city and continue their path of development.

If you plan to get the UK residency by investment in the beautiful city of London or anywhere else in the country, this article will give you the right perspective.


Work and investment UK visa (Investor) – Tier 1


This is the only visa system that can be considered an investment visa in the UK. This visa allows the applicant to enter the UK to invest. You must invest at least 2 million pounds in the UK and this is only possible in certain sections approved by the British legal authorities. With this visa, you can stay in the UK for 3 years and 4 months. In addition to investing, this visa allows you to stay for work or study in the UK.

You may apply for a UK residence visa through an investment visa in any of these three ways:

  • With 10 million £, the investor can apply for residency after 2 years,
  • With 5 million £, the investor can apply for residency after 3 years,
  • With 2 million £, the investor can apply for residency after 5 years.

It should be noted that this residence also includes the relatives of the applicant including the spouse and children under the age of eighteen.


UK Investment Visa Criteria


If you intend to apply for this visa, you must have the following criteria:

  • You must be over 18 years old,
  • Your monetary assets in this country must belong to you, or your partner,
  • You must be able to open a bank account in the UK,
  • You must register your capital through law firms operating in this country,
  • You must have a clean criminal record.


Benefits of investing in the UK Investment Visa Criteria


  • Investing in this country leads to obtaining permanent residence. Most foreign nationals enter the UK with this intention.
  • London has one of the most advanced economic and monetary markets alongside New York, which makes the city’s stock market a stable market for investors due to its location outside the United States.
  • One of the major benefits of investing in the UK is the possibility of free education for applicant’s children.


Obtaining permanent residency through investment in the UK


  It is possible to obtain permanent residence in the United Kingdom through this method (investment) after 5 years, and the applicant can access permanent residence in the United Kingdom after 5 years.

Note: As mentioned earlier, if the applicant invests more money, the residence time will be shortened according to the mechanism mentioned earlier.


Important Notions about Investing in the UK


  • Service-Based Economy: More than 70% of the UK economy consists of service sectors. This large share of services in total GDP is common among developed countries. While this could mean more stability in that country’s economy, changes in consumer credit and commodity prices can also create complications.
  • Brexit: Britain’s formal withdrawal from the EU may have disrupted some of its economic coordination with the rest of Europe, and care should be taken, especially in investments that may be made in Northern Ireland. Make it necessary to comply with the new border and customs regulations.
  • The possible withdrawal of Scotland from the UK should also be considered in the investments made in this part of the UK.


Investing may seem safer than many newer methods. But there are still many aspects that investors need to consider. It is advisable to consult with legal experts and immigration lawyers who are well versed in the UK in the field of investment visas in advance.

For more detailed information on the requirements for obtaining UK Residency by Investment, please contact one of our advisers in the UAE, Denmark, or Canada, we will accompany you and your family until you obtain the UK Residency.

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