Choose the Cyprus Residency if You Always Seek the Best.

اقامت دائم قبرس

The most exclusive things in life are commonly earmarked for those with significant revenue. The Cyprus second citizenship program is not excluded from this fact.

The investment program of Cypriot citizenship is very different from most of the second citizenship programs. One needs to invest at least 2m EUR in real estate and it’s true that, this isn’t an option for everyone as the Patek Philippe watch isn’t. It is a program for affluent individuals used to have custom-made ones and for those the speed is an important factor.

Other citizenship programs are great but none can compete Cyprus’ complete package in terms of trade, travel, and lifestyle benefits. Yes, it’s luxury that few can afford but worth having for those with the means.


This custom-made program provides you with:
  1.  Better global access: 

All second citizenship programs offer passport holders visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 100 plus countries, but Cyprus sets itself apart in terms of offering the Cyprus passport holders, visa-free travel or visa-on-arrival to nearly 160 countries plus including Canada and soon the USA. This makes a Cypriot passport the 17th strongest in the world.

In terms of both business and leisure, investors will find this freedom priceless. You’ll have the ability to respond quickly to global market changes, without waiting for visa processes. You’ll also be able to grasp worldwide opportunities, and just get a ticket. Cypriot citizenship might be costly, but it has the power to transform you into a true global citizen.

  1. The most prestigious way to Europe:

 Many people associate the idea of second citizenship with the Caribbean and that’s not surprising since the region is a popular way, reasonably priced with applications processed at a reasonable speed. But not all investors are happy only with reasonable. Some will just look for the best and that means European citizenship for most of the investors. The citizens of Cyprus gain full-EU citizenship as an automatic right. Cypriot citizenship will allow you to live, work, travel and trade across all the EU countries without restriction.

  1. The fastest way to Europe: 

The speed of obtaining a second citizenship can vary intensely depending on the region. The Caribbean program tend to be fastest taking only three months while the European program can take years. The Cypriot program won’t keep you waiting and delivers a European passport within only 6 months.

  1. Better opportunities for families: 

The Cypriot program might represent a larger investment than other programs, but you definitely get more for more money. That’s especially true when it comes to family. The Cypriot citizenship-by-investment program allows you to include multiple dependents within your application which includes your spouse, children, spouse children your parents and your spouse parents. Simultaneously it provides a safer, happier, healthier and more profitable lifestyle for families as well. Cyprus’ crime rate is so low that it is actually ranked in the top thirty safest countries in the world. Several Cypriot universities are classed among the best in Europe and of course your children could study in any country in the EU, gaining an international education that sets them up for life. Meanwhile, it gives the access to better healthcare and better social care too, as seven of the top 10 global medical systems are European.

The Cyprus citizenship-by-investment program though undeniably costly but sets itself apart for those who seek the finest things in life.


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