Dominica, a Unique Opportunity to Get a Second Passport

One of the benefits of investing in Dominica is the incredible price of real estate projects. On the other hand, not only is the country offering a stable minimum investment requirement in recent years, but it is also recognized as one of the most cost-effective second citizenship programs in the world.

Investors can receive Dominican citizenship in only 6 months by investing 220,000 USD in an approved real estate. Another attractive option for investing in Dominica is a  100,000 USD non-refundable donation to the Dominica government. This means that with only 100,000 dollars you can achieve a strong second passport.


What makes Dominica a good place to invest in?

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program provides investors with a wide range of benefits:

  • Generous tax scheme which offers a lot of tax exemptions such as:
  • No tax on wealth,
  • No tax on inheritance or gift,
  • No tax on capital gains,
  • No tax on foreign income.


  • Dominica is welcoming over 200,000 tourists each year. A growing ecotourism destination, with natural wonders including: breathtaking beaches, rainforests, mountains, rivers, lakes and waterfalls.


  • The beautiful island is offering fantastic investment projects including Secret Bay located on the green hills of Dominica, with a perfect view of the ocean, forest, or mountains, with modern and high-quality equipment which has been recognized as one of the world’s top luxury hotels in prestigious tourism magazines.


  • Fast citizenship processing time which only takes 4 to 6 months.


  • All family members of the investor are included in this program: children, parents, grandparents, siblings, newborns, and a newly-married spouse can become Dominica citizens as well.


  • Dominica’s international negotiations with other powerful countries have increased the reliability of Dominica’s passport. Last year, it was announced that Dominican citizens can travel visa-free to more business destinations. Dominica passport grants you visa free access to a lot of countries such as Schengen states and the UK.


  • In return of making an investment in Dominica, the investors can live, work, and study in this fantastic island and access its healthcare and education system.


  • Dominica government always has new options to present. September 7, 2020, the Commonwealth of Dominica, announced that “Entrepreneur Visa” will be launching in the coming months. This one of a kind visa recognizes the government’s interest in providing a unique status to applicants who make a significant financial investment.


  • There is no mandatory minimum stay required to obtain passport.


  • Dominica offers life-time citizenship.


  • There is no mandatory proof of business, source of Income, education, English language proficiency and interview.


  • Dual citizenship is recognized by Dominica.


Moreover, Dominica is a safe and friendly nation with a strong government and a stable economy. So you can count on this beautiful Caribbean island as your second home!


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