Portugal Golden Visa Raised Half a Billion Euros in 2019

اقامت پرتغال

The Golden Visa Program launched by the Portuguese Government is a fast track for foreign investors from non-EU countries to obtain a “Golden Visa” or a fully valid residence permit in Portugal.

Revenue of the program

According to statistics released by the SEF today, by the end of August 2019, Portugal Golden Visa has raised EUR 553 million. The considerable number of 147 main applicants invested EUR 82.5 million in August only. Since opening in 2012, the program’s total revenue reached some EUR 4.8 billion.


Since January 2019, 923 main applicants and 1,549 of their dependents have received residence permits through Golden Visa. Since the establishment of this program, 7,885 investors and 13,364 dependents have participated.

Main investor countries

Investors from China remain at the top of the applicants’ list, but their relative share of participants has fallen significantly since the early years. Although in 2016 some 4 out of 5 investors were Chinese, the last year that proportion has stayed around 30%. Meanwhile, the Brazilians are continuing their steady rise. In 2019, they account for 17% of applicants.


Investment options

In August, the proportion of investors who choose the capital transfer option over Portugal real estate investment decreased to just 7.8%.  Before this drop, the share had been risen to an abnormally high 16%. The cumulative data since 2012 show that the real estate market accounts for 90% of the total investment of Golden Visa and only 10% belongs to capital transfer.

Based on the recent available data, Portugal has a statistically normal year. The forecasts suggest that in 2019 the program will raise EUR 830 million and welcome 1,385 new investors.


Through this investment stream, the applicants must choose from 3 investment options to be eligible for Portugal Permanent Residency. There is a minimum 35-day mandatory stay in the country in order to be qualified for citizenship. This is the most competitive advantage of Portugal Golden Visa that has attracted the investors and has boosted the program’s popularity.

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