Second-Citizenship; Not Just for the Affluent!

شهروندی دوم اروپایی

If you are one of those who thinks second citizenship is just for yacht owners with more than 10-digit accounts and an extra million bucks not knowing what to do with, we will prove you wrong! There are many residency and  second citizenship programs which are quite affordable while bringing lifetime benefits and even return of your investment if chosen right. If you wonder who is the second citizenship for, if not only wealthy.

It’s for you if:

  1. You Are Looking for a Backup Plan

Not necessarily all the people trying to get a second citizenship are thinking about moving out but they want to be able to, should they need to. Most of them are seeking a backup plan in case of an undesirable situation for them and their family. They just want to be reassured that they can pack and just get a ticket. All that you need is a suitable program for you. Citizenship by investment in Dominica is an attractive program that only with 200,000 USD investment in real estate or 100,000 USD non-refundable donation provides you a second citizenship only in 4-6 month!

  1. You Hate to Spend Your Income on Tax

There is a big difference between countries with different taxation rules and fees. If you live in Sweden, you need to pay 62% of your income as a tax while a country like Vanuatu demands zero percent on your income. Japan, for example, charges 55% inheritance tax compared to many countries like St. Kitts and Nevis or Grenada that demand zero inheritance or gift tax which means you could have double of what you currently have if you were born in one of the countries with lighter taxation fees while working as much as you do now. Citizenship by investment in Vanuatu provides you with a citizenship free of taxation neither on your income nor the inheritance so you can save more for you and your family only by investing 160,000 USD non-refundable donation or 250,000 USD in real estate opportunities.

  1. You Are Fed Up with Restrictions

If you are from a country facing harsh international restrictions which has nothing to do with you as an individual, you have to sit back and watch your friends planning a trip on a short notice and spending their holidays in Europe or grabbing the best holiday offers while you have to wrestle with the visa process and you even may not get it. Sounds unfair? Getting the passport of countries with better international standing such as Malta, Cyprus and Bulgaria provide you with a visa free travel to over 160 countries including Schengen area. Citizenship by investment in Cyprus requires only 150,000-euro investment in a non-refundable donation or 2,000,000-euro for real estate investment which although high but offers return of investment during the five years you hold the asset for. Grenada opens the gate of 129 countries with its Grenada citizenship investment program with 220,000 USD investment in real estate or 150,000 USD investment in a non-refundable donation programs.

  1. You Want Your Children to Grow up and Educate in Europe

Why should Europe with its diverse, liberal, great education system and entrepreneur and business welcoming situation be off limit for your children? They can become true Europeans studying and living there, not just as a tourist but as a citizen and pass the best opportunity of bringing up the children to their children too. It is more obtainable than you think. By choosing Malta citizenship investment program you have three different choices to gift the opportunity to your children:

  • 150,000-euro mix investment
  • 350,000-euro real estate investment
  • 650,000-euro non-refundable donation

Second citizenship with its highly attractive return of investment potential (ROI), is more widely attainable than what you imagine. And is a smart investment for everyone.

For more information, please contact one of our advisors in UAE, Denmark or Canada, and we will do our utmost to guide you through your investment process of obtaining second-citizenship.

If you have any questions about Second-Citizenship Process, please feel free to relay your comment below.

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