Investment in Saint Lucia Real Estate Market

As one of the best Caribbean islands, St. Lucia has so much to offer and it is a fantastic place to live and invest in. This country has a reputation for its beauty, quality of life, tax incentives, and dynamic real estate market. St. Lucia is seen as one of the world’s most attractive property […]

Cyprus Residence Permit Issued for our Client

We are honored to declare that one of our clients who applied under Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program in 2020, could successfully receive his Cyprus Residence. He kindly shared the residence card with us. He took a trip to Cyprus in 2020 to fulfill the administrative processes and purchase the property. He finally attained the […]

گزینه‌های متنوع دریافت شهروندی و اقامت امارات

Available Options Leading to UAE Residency and Citizenship

In spite of ranking as 5th among the most difficult passports to receive, the UAE has remained a very attractive prospect for global expats in recent years. Many people would like to go to the Emirates for different sorts of reasons such as economic, financial and lifestyle. The new citizenship law could add an additional […]

مهاجرت به پرتغال

5 Main Reasons Why Portugal Is an Attractive Destination for Immigration

Locating in southwestern Europe, Portugal has one of the most successful Golden Visa programs which attracts a lot of attention due to its flexibility and countless advantages. Portugal is known for having one of the best residency by investment programs in the world for several consecutive years because of its reasonable costs of living, visa-free […]

اخذ شهروندی امارات و پاسپورت امارات

UAE Citizenship Is a New Option Among 2nd Passport Programs

The UAE has been improving in every aspect that most people have heard about it at least once. As a matter of fact, investors around the world acknowledge that making an investment in this country can be a life-changing and positive decision. The reasons behind the attractiveness of the UAE among the global expats, are […]

Why Is Malta a Great Investment Destination?

Malta is a very attractive country not only as a tourist attraction but also as a financial hub. Malta’s passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world. When it comes to naming the reasons to invest in Malta, it is difficult to decide what to start with. Despite being one of the […]

اخذ تابعیت امارات

UAE Citizenship, Key to Living in the Middle East Paradise

Since becoming a major economic powerhouse and hub for global trade during the last two decades, the UAE Citizenship has been sought after both internationally and regionally. Many famous brands have been located their international offices in Dubai and the UAE has been changed into an international aviation and maritime trade hub. Being a member […]

Acceptance Letter Issued under Dominica CBI Program for another Respected CBF Client with his family in January 2021

The case of  Dominica application was submitted in the second week of  November 2020 under Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program (non-refundable donation) and we received their acceptance letter in January 2021.   If you are planning to invest in a second passport, you must know that countries that offer citizenship through investment programs have restrictions […]

Living in Grenada, the Caribbean Heavenly Island

As an investor, many things are important to you when it comes to invest in a foreign country in order to gain a second citizenship. Things such as the mandatory amount of investment, the passport strength in terms of freedom of travel, the costs of living, facilities and how efficient the education and health system […]