The Five Most Popular Cities for Investors in Greece

Undoubtedly, the two most popular European programs considered for obtaining a second residency are Greece and Portugal’s Golden visas. One of the main reasons for this popularity is the possibility of getting a European residence at a reasonable cost. Portugal residency is achievable in return for a minimum investment of € 280,000. A Greek Golden […]

Italian Golden Visa with an Investment of € 250,000

Tourists recognize Italy as a world-wide museum, while in terms of investment, this beautiful European country’s potential remains unknown. You may be interested to know that the Italian Investor Visa has been accepting applications since 2018, but many investors have never heard of it. One of the reasons why the Italian Golden Visa is less […]

UAE 10-year Golden Visa for Talented Individuals

Do you think that obtaining residency and second citizenship is an opportunity available only to business people and investors? It is better to reconsider your opinion! Ph.D. holders and academics can also apply for a “UAE Golden Visa” according to the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid. This decision has been taken to attract […]

Do you know all the benefits of investing in Portugal?

One of the most popular ways to obtain European residency is the Portuguese Golden Visa Program. And one of the main reasons for this attractiveness is the Portuguese government’s continuous efforts and achievements to offer competitive benefits to foreign investors. Portugal residency for the whole family, including spouse, children and dependent parents, freedom to travel […]

Are You Eligible to Obtain Vanuatu Passport?

Having a second passport has become an undeniable necessity for many investors and business people because it is not easy to trade, travel, or have international transactions without credibility in the world. On the other hand, having a STRONG passport frees you and your family from the restrictions and sanctions you face because of your […]

Inclusion of Siblings in St. Kitts Investment Applications

Over the past three months, the beautiful Caribbean islands have made positive changes to their citizenship programs, including reducing the minimum investment amount, the possibility of adding the investor’s siblings to the application, and sending documents electronically instead of the hard copies. Now, St. Kitts and Nevis also joined this trend and allows siblings to […]

Buying a Property in Turkey is an Affordable and Safe Investment

Suppose you decide to make a foreign investment and you want to visit the destination country before proceeding with the transfer of funds to closely examine the living and working conditions. You can get a ticket to Turkey today! Turkey is one of the few countries that allows Iranians, Jordanians, Palestinians, etc. to enter the […]

Vanuatu Passport Issued for Our Respected Client in October 2020

Proud to announce that another Passport is issued in October 2020 for our client who applied under Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program.   Many investors choose specific areas to invest in based on their professional goals or business trips. Some countries in Europe and the Caribbean offer second citizenship programs through investment, but Vanuatu is […]

Invest $ 218,000 in Dominica Unique Project

An exceptional investment package is waiting for you! 5-star luxury villas located on a clifftop overlooking the ocean + Investment discount + A free 7-day trip to stay in luxury hotels with a choice between 90 attractive countries + Add $20,000  to your capital!    How is it possible? Just make smart decisions!   Today […]

Canada’s Borders Re-opened to International Students

Pack your bags! You can travel to Canada soon to continue your studies! If you are one of the many students who have dropped out of college due to borders closure and had to defer your admission from a Canadian university, you can now plan to attend your classes in Canada in January 2021. Canada […]