Suspension of Quebec Investment Program till 2023

If you are interested in immigration through investment, Canada is offering various provincial programs. By investing in Canada, as the second largest country in the world, you use the benefits of a free and growing economy, and also get permanent residence of this developed country. In many years, apart from other Canadian provincial programs, Quebec […]

Do You Know about Tuition fees of Universities in Canada?

Canada has been becoming one of the most popular destinations for international students in recent years. The reason for existing a high demand for this country, is that Canada has a lot of top-ranked universities. Before applying for Canada student visa, you may need some information about and tuition fees. Keep reading to find out […]

Canada’s Borders Re-opened to International Students

Pack your bags! You can travel to Canada soon to continue your studies! If you are one of the many students who have dropped out of college due to borders closure and had to defer your admission from a Canadian university, you can now plan to attend your classes in Canada in January 2021. Canada […]

Canadian Visa for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Investors are people with countless business ideas who are always looking to invest in profitable areas. Many investors are in touch with strong European and American business partners and clients. They tend to export their products or services to the United States and Europe without worries, while not all countries support these trade exchanges and […]

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Quebec Investment Immigration Program is Suspended Until 2021!

Quebec’s investment immigration program was stopped in November 2019 in order to be reviewed and amended. Although it was scheduled to resume in the summer of 2020, but according to the latest official announcement, this suspension will continue until April 2021. What are the conditions to apply for Quebec Investment Program? Before the suspension of […]

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5 Reasons Why Investors Get a Second Passport

You probably have a lot of friends and colleagues around you who are thinking of getting a second passport or have become citizens of another country. However, you still don’t know the reason for their investment to get dual citizenship. Although the reasons for each individual are different, the privileged and profitable opportunities offered by […]

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Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

Canada welcomes the best talent and ideas from all over the world each year through provincial programs. Canadian Residency is a precious opportunity, any investor would love to achieve. If you want reasonable cost and high rewards, Canada is a perfect choice. It is a combination of exceptional market access, an unbeatable tax environment, political […]

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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Everybody knows about Canada’s clean and beautiful landscape, the overall amazing quality of life and the vast chances of improvement. Its talented and skilled workforce, secure banking system, low tax rates and superior transportation infrastructure have made Canada a top destination for investment. This vast country offers miscellaneous immigration options. You can choose from Canada […]

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Yukon Provincial Nominee Program

Canada has always been a great supporter of foreign skilled workers and active investors. The reason is that it is a vast land full of natural treasures to explore, it is a dynamic technology hub for specialists, and an undeniable promoter of limitless scientific researches. Following our previous posts about Canada provincial nominee programs, including […]

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Why Canada is a Top Choice for International Students?

In recent years, Canada has always been among the world’s top 5 destinations for learning. This country has high academic standards and meticulous quality controls, therefore, it will give you the chance to earn a high-quality education that will open doors to a bright future and enable you to achieve your career goals.   A […]