Dominica acceptance letter

Dominica Citizenship Acceptance Letter Issued for another Client by Investing in Pre-approved Projects

Our client participated in Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program by investing in one of Dominica’s real estate projects for his entire family and after one month the acceptance letter was issued in September 2021.   What is Dominica Citizenship Obtaining Process Like? Dominica’s citizenship process is straightforward; however, it needs to be guided by professionals, […]

Dominica Citizenship by Investment, Investors’ First Choice

The Dominica Citizenship by Investment has remained the world’s most popular CBI program by breaking all records regarding the number of applications and revenues received. The program has been chosen as the best CBI program for five consecutive years now. Foreign investors keep choosing the island’s CBI Program for its durability, efficiency, and integrity.   […]

The Best of the Most Affordable Second Passport Programs

The Best of the Most Affordable Second Passport Programs

Having dual citizenship allows you to become a citizen of two or more countries at the same time. While not all countries allow you to hold two (or more) passports at the same time such as India or China, most countries such as the USA, Canada, and the UK do. There are also those countries […]

A Look at the Costs Of Living in Dominica

 Dominica has a lot to offer investors, young expats, entrepreneurs, and retirees, not the least of which is a low cost of living. You can afford a calm, Caribbean lifestyle for less than you are likely paying back home. You can enjoy a rich, relaxing, and truly diverse lifestyle even on a pensioner’s budget. In […]

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs, Among the Top Ten in the World

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs are the most sought-after by investors. That should not be a surprise since the benefits are rather seducing for citizens who need to apply for visas every time they wish to travel and the chances are high they may get rejected for their country’s political issues, or they may look […]

Dominica citizenship

Obtaining Dominica Passport, the Golden Strategy of Insightful Investors

Did you know that obtaining Dominica citizenship is one of the strategic goals of astute investors?! The world will not be the same as it was before the outbreak of Covid-19 and visionary investors are already planning to expand their access to the world’s financial key locations. The world’s current situation revealed how crucial it […]

روش دوم که از ژانویه 2015 تاکنون ارائه شده  شامل

International Driving License Issued for another Company Client

The above international driving license has been issued for one of our clients who had previously applied under Dominica citizenship by investment program and has already received his Dominica passport. Known for its virginal nature and lush forests, Dominica also called “The Nature Island” is a country in the Caribbean which has recently been widely […]

Obtain Dominica Citizenship by Entrepreneur Visa Program

Dominica has become one of the golden hubs for obtaining citizenship by investment in recent years, offering one of the most cost-effective investment schemes. Investment opportunities in Dominica are diverse and reliable, and the Dominica International Airport project has recently been added to the list of high-quality and prestigious projects in the country. In addition […]

Receiving Dominica Driving License for One of the CBF Clients

Dominica, one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea, is among the first countries to offer citizenship by investment program. Considering the many benefits of Dominica CBI scheme, it has attracted a large number of investors to this country. Dominica offers one of the most cost-effective citizenship by investment programs. You can obtain […]

Dominica Joined the Countries with Biometric Passports

Dominica Citizenship in 2021 Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program entered its 28th year of operation in 2021, therefore the framework of the program has been re-evaluated and the Citizenship by Investment Unit has adopted new policies. The latest news is that the government of Dominica has announced the issuance of new biometric passports for investors effective […]