Italian Golden Visa with an Investment of € 250,000

Tourists recognize Italy as a world-wide museum, while in terms of investment, this beautiful European country’s potential remains unknown. You may be interested to know that the Italian Investor Visa has been accepting applications since 2018, but many investors have never heard of it. One of the reasons why the Italian Golden Visa is less […]

برنامه سرمایه‌گذاری در قبرس برای اخذ پاسپورت

Breaking News: Suspension of Cyprus Citizenship Program

Only two weeks remain till the suspension of the popular Cyprus citizenship by investment program. The news was published by the government yesterday, and now everyone is talking about it. Although there is little time left to file your application, you can still apply for a European passport if you have all your documents ready. […]

Issuance of Dominica Certificate of Naturalization for our Client in September 2020

His application was submitted in the second half of June this year under the Dominica Citizenship Program. His certificate of acceptance was received in early August, and his Certificate of Naturalization has been issued in the second half of September 2020.   Investment Options for Dominica Citizenship and Dominica Passport Option 1 – Non-Refundable Economic […]

مزایای دریافت پاسپورت دومینیکا از طریق سرمایه‌گذاری

Dominica Passport Issued for Our Respected Client in early September 2020

Another Dominica passport was issued for the CBF esteemed applicant who applied under Dominica Citizenship Investment Program by the minimum amount of 100,000 USD. The applicant’s document was submitted in middle May 2020 and the passport was received in early September 2020.   Advantages of Applying for A Dominica Passport Fast Processing time (4-6 months), […]

Issuance of Certificate of Dominica Naturalization for our Client in August 2020

  The case was submitted in May 2020 under Dominica Citizenship Program through donation of $100,000 to the EDF, the certificate of acceptance was received in July 1st, and the Certificate of Naturalization was issued in the first week of August 2020.   Investment Options for Dominica Citizenship and Dominica Passport Option 1 – Non-Refundable Economic Diversification Fund (EDF): […]

ویزای کار آفرینی دومینیکا

    Entrepreneur Visa; New Path to Dominica Citizenship

Dominica has expanded the circle of “Citizenship by Investment” options for interested applicants, by introducing a new investment program as “Entrepreneur Visa” which is a new 2-years path to obtain Dominica citizenship.   September 7, 2020, the Commonwealth of Dominica, announced that “Entrepreneur Visa” will be launching in the coming months. This one of a […]

اقامت دائم قبرس

Choose the Cyprus Residency if You Always Seek the Best.

The most exclusive things in life are commonly earmarked for those with significant revenue. The Cyprus second citizenship program is not excluded from this fact. The investment program of Cypriot citizenship is very different from most of the second citizenship programs. One needs to invest at least 2m EUR in real estate and it’s true […]

Vanuatu Passport Issued for Our Respected Client in July 2020

Proud to announce that another Passport is issued in July 2020 for our client who applied under Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program.   There are two investment options to obtain Vanuatu’s Passport: Option 1 – Donation to Vanuatu Development Funds as follows: 130,000 USD – Single Applicant, 150,000 USD – Main Applicant and Spouse, 165,000 […]

تغییرات برنامه اقامت قبرس از طریق سرمایه گذاری در 2020

New Regulations of Cyprus Investment Program 2020

The Cyprus Investment Program has changed some of the regulations which were officially published on 18th August 2020. Most of the revisions have been made in favor of investors aiming to make the CIP even stronger. The officials have granted more advantages to incentivize investment specially in property while making sure one of the world’s most […]

دریافت نامه پذیرش از دومینیکا برای متقاضی ایرانی

Acceptance Letter Issued under Dominica CBI Program for Our Respected Iranian Client in August 2020

We submitted the application under Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program in JUNE this year and received his acceptance letter in August.   Benefits of Applying for A Dominica Passport Fast Processing time between 4-6 months Visa – free travel to over 120 countries, including United Kingdom, Russia, Hong Kong, the European Schengen States and newly added China, Brazil […]