Work, Live & Study through EU and UK with Cyprus Citizenship

Nowadays that the global pandemic is the headline of all Medias, you might start thinking to re-examine your investment priorities. If you have previously strategized Plan B and have invested in a reliable country, you would have been feeling safer today. It is never too late! The CBI programs are still working and accepting applications. […]

اخذ شهروندی اروپایی با سرمایه‌ گذاری در بلغارستان

European Citizenship by Investing in Bulgaria

You might have heard a lot about the famous Cyprus Citizenship Scheme or Montenegro popular European Citizenship program. But, did you know about Bulgaria Investment opportunities for interested applicants of Citizenship? Well, there is a little-known cost-efficient residency program in Bulgaria as well, which is ultimately leading to a European Citizenship. Ideal location in Southeast […]

دریافت پاسپورت قبرس

Cyprus Passport, Gift of a safe & Beneficial Investment

Are you looking for a safe long term investment option? Would you like to expand your trade between 28 EU countries? A Cypriot passport paves the way for free access to about 500 million customers. If you are concerned about the tax on your foreign income, well, in Cyprus you are safe! Foreign income will […]

پاسپورت قبرس

Cyprus Passport, More Powerful than Before

Interestingly, the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment program has been in existence since 2002. However, before 2013, the investors had to put forward an incredible amount of at least €10 million for a Cypriot passport! Afterward, some changes have been made to the program and Cyprus has lowered the minimum amount of investment. The foreign nationals, who wish to gain the […]

پاسپورت قبرس

Cyprus Passport Issued for our Iranian Client

We are honored to declare that one of our clients who applied under Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program could successfully receive his Cypriot Passport by the end of 2019. He kindly shared the passport copy with us. He had a trip to Cyprus in the beginning of 2019 to fulfill the administrative processes and purchase […]

سفر به آمریکا با پاسپورت قبرس

Good News! Travel to USA with Cyprus Passport

Cyprus, this small beautiful Mediterranean island, always offers attractive options for foreigner investors and tourists. It is a safe country with high standards of living and it proposes great opportunity to trade between 28 EU countries freely. We have already published a post about the Reasons of Cyprus Popularity for Investment and Business. The recent […]

اقامت قبرس از طریق سرمایه گذاری

“Now” Is the Best Time and “Cyprus” Is the Best Place to Invest!

Cyprus is a popular tourist hub close to Europe and Middle East, it lies between three continents which makes it a great business and trade spot, it offers private English-speaking schools with high-level education and it is an ideal retirement destination. If you are looking for a reasonable investment in return for a comfortable life, […]

مهاجرت به قبرس اروپايي

Know More About Doing Business in Cyprus:

Cyprus is a beautiful jewel found in the Mediterranean. We have previously published several posts regarding Cyprus and the advantages of doing business in this small island. Cyprus has branded itself as a strategic country in doing business with great access to 3 different continents. It has ideal transportation facilities through air and sea, with […]

برنامه های سرمایه گذاری اروپا

What are the Best European Citizenship Programs?

Citizenship by investment programs are so popular not only among investors but also among governments across the globe.    Why choose a CIP in Europe? Every day, the amount of people who feel enthusiastic about doing business in Europe is rapidly increasing and it is a top destination for business men and investors to obtain […]

Greece Golden Visa & Cyprus CIP Are Competing Closely

In today’s CIP market and the increasing demand for a second passport, the European countries are very popular, since they are located in the heart of the world’s business and commercial hub. The two most in demand investment programs are Cyprus CIP and Greece residency scheme.   Cyprus Citizenship Program Cyprus CIP has several changes […]

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