U.K residency

UK Residency by Investment (RBI) Program

U.K or The united kingdom of Great Britain is a sovereign country located in the north-west of Europe. The whole country includes the island of Britain, north-east of Ireland which also shares land boarders with the Northern Ireland. U.K has a highly developed and market oriented economy. It is actually the 5th largest economy in […]

Spain residency

Spain Residency By Investment (RBI) Program

Spain (officially known as the kingdom of Spain) is a country located in Iberian Peninsula in Europe. By moving into the modern society, Spain has become one of the greatest global empires. The global impact of Spain is so huge on earth that Spanish is now the 2nd most spoken language in the globe. Spain […]

Portugal golden visa

Apply For Portugal Residency By Investment Today

Officially known as The Portuguese Republic, Portugal was founded in 1143, is located in Southern Europe and occupies a total area of about 92,212 square km. Located on the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, the mainland shares borders with the Atlantic Ocean in the south and west, and Spain in the east and north. The […]

Malta residency

Malta Residency by Investment (RBI) Program

Malta or official known as the republic of Malta, is a European island. This southern country ties with south of Italy, east of Tunisia and north of Libya. Being located in the Mediterranean seas makes Malta’s climate perfect. Pleasant winters and hot summer is a jewel some people search their whole lives for. Perfect untouched […]

ویزای طلایی یونان

Apply For Your Greece Residency By Investment With Expert Help From CBF Today!

Greece is a typical Mediterranean country in the centre of Europe, with a history dating back to the 5th Century B.C. The economy is service-based, with tourism and shipping being two of the key industries. The Greek real estate market offers unique investment opportunities for individuals and businesses wishing to access property in Europe at […]

اقامت قبرس

Cyprus Residency by Investment (RBI) Program

Cyprus or the republic of Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean. Cyprus is the 3rd largest and populated island in south of Turkey. It also shares borders with Syria, Egypt, and south east Greece. Cyprus is under UK’s administration in 1878 and was annexed by Britain. Cyprus is the tourist hub of the […]