Portugal Golden Visa Among the World Top Ten Golden Visa Programs

According to the latest surveys, Portugal Golden Visa is among the top 10 golden visa programs in the world in 2022 and the number of applications for this popular residency program by investment is increasing dramatically. However, interesting statistics have been reported on the share of applicants of different nationalities. In a new development, the […]

اقامت انگلستان

UK Investor Visa (Tier 1) Abolished

As of April 6, 2022, a number of new British immigration laws have come into force. The Tier 1 (Investor) visa was previously closed to new applicants following a change of rules on 17 February 2022. Those who have already received a Tier 1 visa can stay in the UK and apply for an extension […]

اقامت یونان Greece residency

March 25 Greek Independence Day, Investors and Tourists’ Dream Destination

Greek Independence Day is a national holiday celebrated annually on March 25, commemorating the beginning of the Greek War of Independence in 1821. This day coincides with the celebration of the Annunciation to Theotokos by the Greek Orthodox Church when the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her that she would give birth to […]

A Look at Costs of Living in Spain

Spain has one of the cheapest living costs in Western Europe and the famous Spanish sun, which you get for free and regardless of the rent or mortgage, depending on the lifestyle, a couple can easily live on $20,000 to $22,000 a year.   Comparing Some Costs of Living in Spain The following monthly budget […]

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Maltese Properties, the Most Reasonable Investment in 2022

Real estate is still one of the oldest and most reliable options when it comes to choosing between different investments. Buying and renting a property is a good long-term investment for those who want to manage their property and generate regular cash flow. However, as with any asset, you may be paying too much for […]

شهروندی مونته‌نگرو از طریق سرمایه‌گذاری

Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program Is Extended For another Year

Montenegro has extended its Citizenship by Investment Program till the end of 2022. Originally, Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program was designed to accept only the latest applications by the end of 2021 and the scheme was scheduled to expire on December 31, 2021, but at the very last minute, the government decided to extend it […]

Refund €13,000 by Investing €280,000 in Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa (Investment Residence) is a quick way for foreign investors from non-EU countries to obtain Portuguese residency. The most popular way to get a Portuguese Golden Visa is to buy a property, and so far more than 4 billion euros have been spent by investors to obtain Portuguese Golden Visas.   Investment options […]