Investment in Saint Lucia Real Estate Market

As one of the best Caribbean islands, St. Lucia has so much to offer and it is a fantastic place to live and invest in. This country has a reputation for its beauty, quality of life, tax incentives, and dynamic real estate market. St. Lucia is seen as one of the world’s most attractive property […]

Acceptance Letter Issued under Dominica CBI Program for another Respected CBF Client with his family in January 2021

The case of  Dominica application was submitted in the second week of  November 2020 under Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program (non-refundable donation) and we received their acceptance letter in January 2021.   If you are planning to invest in a second passport, you must know that countries that offer citizenship through investment programs have restrictions […]

Living in Grenada, the Caribbean Heavenly Island

As an investor, many things are important to you when it comes to invest in a foreign country in order to gain a second citizenship. Things such as the mandatory amount of investment, the passport strength in terms of freedom of travel, the costs of living, facilities and how efficient the education and health system […]

Dominica Citizenship is Open to Iranians in 2021!

If you are one of the Iranian investors who have been seeking a second passport in the last two years to increase the power of your travel and international trade, you know that many countries are not accepting applications from Iranians. And almost all countries that offer citizenship programs through investment have restrictions on issuing […]

What has Made Dominica a Popular Destination for Investors?

Dominica has become one of the most affordable and flexible second passport programs available. Until 1993 it was not possible to gain Dominican citizenship without residing in the country. The Dominican government changed this rule with the Economic Dominica Citizenship program whereby there was no need to stay in the country anymore to be eligible […]

Inclusion of Siblings in St. Kitts Investment Applications

Over the past three months, the beautiful Caribbean islands have made positive changes to their citizenship programs, including reducing the minimum investment amount, the possibility of adding the investor’s siblings to the application, and sending documents electronically instead of the hard copies. Now, St. Kitts and Nevis also joined this trend and allows siblings to […]

Invest $ 218,000 in Dominica Unique Project

An exceptional investment package is waiting for you! 5-star luxury villas located on a clifftop overlooking the ocean + Investment discount + A free 7-day trip to stay in luxury hotels with a choice between 90 attractive countries + Add $20,000  to your capital!    How is it possible? Just make smart decisions!   Today […]

Dominica Passport Issued for our Client in late September 2020

Another Dominica passport has been issued for the CBF esteemed applicant who applied under Dominica Citizenship Investment Program by the minimum amount of 100,000 USD. The applicant’s document was submitted in middle June 2020 and the passport was received in late September 2020.   Investment Options to Obtain Dominica Citizenship First choice – Non-Refundable Donation to Economic […]