A Look at the Costs Of Living in Dominica

 Dominica has a lot to offer investors, young expats, entrepreneurs, and retirees, not the least of which is a low cost of living. You can afford a calm, Caribbean lifestyle for less than you are likely paying back home. You can enjoy a rich, relaxing, and truly diverse lifestyle even on a pensioner’s budget. In […]

Are you Eligible to Obtain a Second Citizenship by Investment?

Obtaining a citizenship by investment is a strategic and important decision for investors and entrepreneurs to make, especially for the applicants of the Middle East and some African countries. The reason is that the second passport gives them the freedom to travel and ease of doing international business along with the security and safety of […]

Vanuatu: Citizenship and Investment Program

Vanuatu, people’s idea of paradise Delivering a second passport in 1-2 months, Vanuatu’s citizenship program by investment is the trend in the market of second passport and one of the fastest in the world. Running since January 2017, this program is eligible to the whole family plus the parents. As reported by The Vanuatu Treasury […]