Portugal Residency by Investment and Sufficient Income

اقامت پرتغال از طریق سرمایه ‌گذاری

Enjoy the advantages of receiving the Portugal Residency card; the world’s third peaceful country, for the whole family within only 4-6 months. traveling freely within all Schengen countries and obtaining the permission to work in Portugal is another benefit of getting Portugal Residency. You can take advantage of establishing a business in all Schengen countries and enjoying social welfare, health and educational system and retirement pension alongside.


Portugal a safe investment destination

According to the global peace index Portugal was ranked as the third most peaceful country in the world. As conflicts and tensions increase in the world and are escalated by the wave of covid-19 pandemic, Iceland is rated as the most peaceful country since 2008, followed by New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, Denmark and Canada as the united states was rated 121st and the United Kingdom 42nd. The index of peace is measured in three areas:

  • societal security
  • the extent of international conflicts
  • readiness of the country’s military for war or other emergencies.


Portugal as examined, proved to be a country with a fast recovery from the impacts of pandemic and its economic consequences.

Portugal had a very great progress being selected as the 18th most peaceful country in 2014 to the third. You can experience living in the third most peaceful country of the world by getting residency under many investment opportunities and enjoy the possibility of Applying for Citizenship and getting the Portuguese passport after 5 years. The investment opportunities are provided under:

  1. Portugal Golden Visa
  2. Passive Income Visa (also known as “Type I Visa” or “D7 Visa“)


A twostep process that gives the outside the EU residents, the opportunity of getting residence permit in Portugal which can be an alternative for (Golden Visa) while simultaneously providing the same benefits of being a Portuguese resident. It is suitable for citizens who intend to move to Portugal and are enable to prove that their income is sufficient to support their lives in Portugal.


Portugal Residency under Passive Income Visa

Step 1: The aim of this step is to provide you with 120 days valid visa that enables the applicant to move to Portugal and prepare the documents. After obtaining this visa, family members can also apply for Portugal residency permit under the rules of “Family Reunification”.

Step 2: After obtaining the visa (valid 4 months), the applicant can travel to Portugal and start completing the residency authorization process. And after the approval the applicant gains the temporary residency for one year.

If you are interested in investing in the third most peaceful country of the world

and embracing the new opportunities in Europe through the gate, provided by

Portugal residency take your first step today.


For more information, please contact one of our advisors in UAE, Denmark or Canada, and we will do our utmost to guide you through your Investment and Portugal Golden Visa process.


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