Greece Golden Visa, Ready to Change

Changes to Greece Golden Visa The most recent reports show that the Greek government is planning to restructure the country’s Golden Visa program. There are several features of the program, which are going to experience changes, including: doubling the current EUR 250,000 minimum investment requirement, the physical presence obligations, and minimum annual spending. The planned […]

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Portugal Golden Visa Raised Half a Billion Euros in 2019

The Golden Visa Program launched by the Portuguese Government is a fast track for foreign investors from non-EU countries to obtain a “Golden Visa” or a fully valid residence permit in Portugal. Revenue of the program According to statistics released by the SEF today, by the end of August 2019, Portugal Golden Visa has raised […]

Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa, Present EUR 470.5 million Investment in 2019

In March 2018, SEF’s number of approved applications has reached a new record for its Portugal Residency by Investment which was a significant number in a single month. During July, 155 Golden Visa main applicants, with Combined Investment of EUR 98.3 million, received their Residency Permits. The Brazilians’ interest in Portugal Golden Visa Program (RBI) […]